Bruno's Story

The idea to begin selling Bruno's Italian Red Wine Vinegar was started on a dare by some of Bruno's friends at a dinner party. "My wife used some of the vinegar during a meal with friends", remembers Bruno. "I told my friends that 'people would pay good money' for this vinegar if they had the chance." His friends all enjoyed a good laugh.

What Bruno's friends didn't count on was that Bruno has vinegar in his blood...

"Being raised by a mother and father born in Italy it was easy to pick up on the tradition of making red wine vinegar." Bruno recalls.

"Many Italian families used to make their own red wine and my family was no different. My father made red wine for more years than I can remember and if you made red wine you made red wine vinegar. We kept it in a wine barrel in the basement of our home, where we let it age into red wine vinegar. We used it for cooking, salad dressing and BBQ's nearly every day."

Today, Bruno makes his Italian Red Wine Vinegar in his home town of San Rafael, California. It is made from selected red wines and aged over 12 months until it reaches just the right acidity level. Then, bread and yeast are added so that the vinegar can ferment and age into the perfect lip puckering experience!

Now, when Bruno serves his vinegar to his friends he enjoys a good laugh and his friends enjoy a handcrafted vinegar made in the tradition that Bruno learned from his mother and father.

"I'm very proud to be able to share my family's home made vinegar and I'm sure my parents would be proud too."


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